Map services made free

One Free Map

OpenStreetMap made map data free. Map3 will make map service free.

Free of Charge

Quality map services free to use.

Free from Control

No single authoity or point of failure.

Free to Participate

Network hosted by the community.

Decentralized Infrastructure

  • Scalable service capacity
  • Rich community map contents
  • Ultraly robust map service that can never to shut down

Innovative Technologies

  • Intelligent p2p discovery and routing
  • Decentralized TLS protocol
  • Elastic spatial sharding of data and compute

See Our Services in Action

Node Metrics
127 live nodes and growing
99.9% service availability
Usage Metrics
7,352,842 API requests made
>100M API capacity/day
Map Data Metrics
23.7M of POIs
360.6M of buildings
1.8M KM2 of land coverage
137.1M of roads

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Tile service through api and sdk.

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Host an edge node of Map3.

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Contribute to Map3 data content.

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