Using a cloud platform is an easy way for you run a node on the network. Once you set it up you don’t need to keep your computer on. It is flexible and versatile; it can be controlled with any devices in any location that is accessible to the internet. Some platforms offer free tier so you can use some of their services for a limited amount of time (for specific details please check the official website of each cloud platform).

We aim to have as many users on the network as possible from all corners of the world. Therefore, we have chosen to deploy on AWS, as it is the most popular platform with the most users worldwide. In China most people are using AliCloud. Although AliCloud is less popular than AWS, it is growing in users at a rapid pace. We believe with China’s growing tech industry, AliCloud will be an integral part of the Map3 network. These two platforms are easy to use and offers a variety of services that allow you to choose what is suitable for your specific requirements.

We are currently working hard to make it available on other cloud platforms (such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) allowing more users to be a host and establish a worldwide network. Giving users more choices to select the cloud platforms that is the most comfortable and familiar to them. Please get in touch if you would like us to deploy on any other platform.

You can find instructions to deploy a Map3 node with the links below: